Sugar ‘n StriP System

In over 20 years of manufacturing sugar paste, we kept hearing from the fantastic speed waxers – “why don’t you make a sugar product for us?” 
So, we did just that.
Now the talented waxers have only to switch their product, not their technique and offer an even better service because:

  • You can cover the whole body area first and then start removing the hair
  • For eyebrows you apply to BOTH eyebrows, sculpt them to even perfection and then remove
  • Don’t like the look? Just wash off with tap water and start again.
  • No skin is removed, lack of redness, lack of pain.
  • Works on shorter hair growth!
  • Your work area is always clean because the sugar washes away with plain water, no dyes to stain, no “sticky” floors, towels, tables

Sugar ‘n Strip® products were designed and are manufactured to work on regular, stubborn and hormonal hair with ease and are proudly made in the USA!.


Safe & Natural

Our three Sugar ‘n Strip Pastes have been scientifically manufactured using our proprietary steam condensing process. Their safe – low temp – melting point makes them the ideal foundation for your hair removal business.

IMPORTANT:  Because the water soluble, non-toxic sugar sticks only to the hair, the Sugar ‘n Strip® process is always easy on the skin. Unlike wax/resin, by using our gentler sugar process you can even remove hair before a facial service. Tap water clean-up is safe, fast, and easily keeps your work area looking professional. Accidental spills or errors in application are quickly removed with warm tap water, and, if necessary, the sugar paste reapplied. The benefits of using a gentle, natural product are loved by clients.

How do you get this great product for your salon?

Check our calendar and join a 4 hour class to learn the fine points of application and removal which are slightly different and we believe will make your work even faster and better.
Online video support to remind you of what you learned.
Cost Effective? 
This product is so economical that other wax/resin products can’t compare.

  • One tablespoon will remove 2 upper lips and 8 eyebrows!
  • A 15 minute Brazilian with no hair left is the norm
  • The less product you apply the more hair it removes – no “buttering” or “ripping”.

What do these products do?

We have 3 paste products, made of sugar, lemon and water designed for the different hair types. The sugar is also great because it is warmed to body temperature – no chance of burning.

  • Sugar ‘n Strip® – for Intermediate hair
  • For Stubborn Hair – for Vellous hair
  • Bikini Beauty – for Terminal hair.

Why haven’t we seen this product before?

Our company developed them exclusively. This is not the same “hand” sugar you’ve seen (we also sell/train that). This is the original thinner Strip sugar that has been “steam condensed” to the 2 other types we offer. We’ve never seen others like them and it was very challenging to invent them! Our customers have proven to us that we have a great System here, easy to use and totally safe. 

Contact us to find out how you can get this product for YOUR clients and always have “A sugar of a Day!”


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