Our Quick Conversion Kit ™ offers 2 - 30 oz jars of sugar product plus everything you need to get working immediately at a low introductory cost

Our Quick Conversion Kit ™ offers 2 - 30 oz jars of sugar product plus everything you need to get working immediately at a low introductory cost

When we’ve spoken to salon owners at trade shows, we have heard, and understand, your concerns. You dreamed of owning your own salon, it became a goal and you've achieved it. In order to attract and keep clients, you need to offer them the best products and services which will keep them coming back. You want top of the line products which are economical, easy to use, effective, and all natural. Our products fill all your needs.  They are state of the art hair removal products and made from a familiar, natural, product  – sugar!

Your staff can get started quickly with our Sugar ‘N Strip System ®. All it takes is four hours of hands-on education to learn, and uses techniques very similar to waxing with some significant benefits that make Salon Sugar™ products much gentler and easier to use. The start-up cost is minimal but the benefits to your clients and your bottom line is incredible.

You can take your service offering to the next level with our Spa System® - called a “mini-massage” by clients everywhere. The two-day hands-on education teaches hair removal with both Sugar ‘N Strip® and  Spa Sugar®  which is applied with a gloved hand. The techniques and different sugar pastes complement each other, offering the ultimate in professional hair removal.

The gentle nature of all our products leaves the skin smooth, sensuous and hair-free. Clients also like that 1/8” hair growth is all that is required for removal -  half the length they need for wax/resin products. Mistakes and spills can be cleaned with plain tap water so there's no mess, toxic chemicals or stains. There's the added benefit of clean, professional rooms for your clients with no ugly stained towels, floors or tables. This projects the professional standards your salon can represent to the public.  Last but not least, Salon Sugar™ products  cost significantly less to use which  greatly improves your profit per treatment.

One of our Spa System Professionals had this to say:
“Salon Sugar™ products are the most cost effective hair removal system I have found. They offer both the hand (Spa Method) and Sugar ‘N Strip® coupled with high-value education, so I was able to transition my staff with ease. Salon Sugar™ products allow my staff to deliver a true spa experience, from painless hair removal, hygiene and cleanliness, to easy clean-up with warm towels and a luxurious finish. We have speed for those large and dense areas, precision for absolutely beautiful brows and the perfect combination for discrete, comfortable Brazilians.”
— Cherie S, Concord

Why are salon owners embracing Salon Sugar™ products?

  • Product costs are as low as 5% cost of sales vs 11% - 18% for wax/resin products
  • The products work more effectively by using less, helping control product cost
  • Training costs are low making an easy transition into the salon
  • Our Educators are highly experienced and qualified
  • Clients book more repeat services because the product works on much shorter hair regrowth
  • Bundling of services such as hair removal and facials is possible due to the gentler process
  • Staff and clients are happier with the increased ease of use and lack of damage to clients skin

Salon Sugar Products, Inc. offers two custom designed programs matched exactly to what professionals say they need. Which of our programs feels like the best fit for your hair removal style?

Spa System™ Intensive

  • Two days of dedicated hands-on training
  • Expertise in Sugar ‘n Strip® & Spa System® methods
  • Maximum professional growth – immediately

Sugar ‘n Strip® with Future Spa System® Add-on Option

  • Four hours of hands-on training
  • Professional quality online video education/support available
  • Sugar ‘n Strip® proficiency
  • Staged professional growth
  • Qualify for one day Spa System® Add-on Option later