Strip Sugar - Enhances Your Toolbox

Since sugaring was introduced to North America from Europe in 1988 devotees have been influenced by manufacturers who have divided them into 2 groups:

Those who like to use their gloved hand and a single piece for the service- Spa and reject Strip sugar as being beneath them.

Those who use the Strip .sugar to replace their limited, antiquated wax

We’re different. We support business professionals who are trying to enjoy their work and earn a decent living so we have combined BOTH types.

Salon Sugar has education for both methods and in the case of hand or Spa System we use a 2-day education plan. For the first half of the first day we use your waxing talent and convert it to the Strip sugar. You can apply Strip sugar to cover 1/2 a man’s back and use 1 strip to take all the hair off then do the same for the other side. Imagine how quickly and inexpensively you can accomplish this service. It works eqally well for the legs.

After lunch you are introduced to Hand/Spa sugar: the aplication, angle, pressure and flick to remove in an easy flowing motion. Your Educator is an experienced salon professional who can guide you so that over the next day you master this skill. When you are finished you have the skills to replace wax, and save the stress to your body

Our Strip sugar only class takes a half day to tweak your technique so you can be as fast or faster than waxing and use very little product.