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We offer a complete single-use kit that is ideal for exams. Best of all, it doesn't need warming to use.

We believe that educators will lead our industry forward. We support your goal of producing graduates that are successful, earn a respectable living and enjoy what they do. Sugar-based hair removal has long been recognized as a service that can enhance graduates' prospects, but up to now it has been difficult to teach in a school setting. Traditionally, the hand method is taught over two days, requires ongoing practice to develop proficiency, and is more suitable for experienced post graduate professionals. We, at Salon Sugar Products, Inc. have addressed this challenge by developing Sugar 'n Strip® pastes that can be used in almost the same way as wax/resin, while still providing the state of the art advantages. Our exclusive Sugar 'n Strip® pastes have been formulated for use on the three hair types: Vellous, Intermediate and Terminal. We are also happy to "train the trainers" so that they can pass on their new Sugar 'n Strip® expertise to your students - confident in the knowledge that the products and techniques are fully compliant with State Board requirements. You will be able to teach your students the simple unique techniques in only a few hours. Our safety and hygiene standards meet the highest State/Provincial Board/OSHA requirements, and  our easy to understand method makes this a natural fit for school curricula. If, at a later date, the graduate wants to add the “hand” method (our Spa System®), we offer a one-day Spa System® add-on. This is ideally completed when they are working in a salon and removing hair each day.

Many of you can appreciate this typical classroom experience:

“One day, while watching a class of our students learning to wax eyebrows, one of the students spilled a large dollop in the middle of another student’s eyebrow. Chaos reigned while people looked for the solvent to remove the wax. Extreme care was needed to leave as many hairs as possible so as not to ruin the girl’s appearance. They were only partially successful.

Coincidentally, Salon Sugar®  products was scheduled that day to demonstrate their Sugar ‘n Strip® system. The educator, Kate Riley, showed everyone how the student has complete control over the Sugar ‘n Strip® paste. The students were amazed that not only did it remove very short hairs, but it didn’t remove any skin layers. Equally impressive, the students could take as long as they wanted to shape the eyebrow perfectly. Finally, mistakes or clean-up of any extra sugar was easily done with plain tap water.

I was so impressed I never used wax in the school again.” Judy, The Aesthetics Academy

Educators/Schools are expressing their appreciation that Sugar ‘n Strip® is:


An Educator recently shared with us: 

"After switching to the Sugar ‘n Strip® system, it was a pleasure to teach my novice stylist students eyebrow hair removal. I could demonstrate to them, have them apply Sugar ‘n Strip® to both their models’ eyebrows, then stop them to wait for me to check their applications before  they removed any hair. By working in this calm, controlled manner, they gained confidence and expertise in record time. Anyone who had applied too much sugar or made the brows too thin had only to wash it off with tap water, take a breath and start again. All the students were successful the first day. They enjoyed the realization that with such a gentle product they could compliment their client's hair style, not send them away with red, angry skin. It was easy after that experience to move them into full body hair removal." Linda P.

Students and Educators  can enjoy these benefits now:

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