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The Sweet Treat In Hair Removal

Our exclusive strip sugar products were designed to work on regular, stubborn and hormonal hair with ease. 

Salon Sugar Products, Inc.® has been working to make sugaring more accessible to both students and aestheticians. Our research has focused on various forms of "strip" sugar which are a different formulation than the thicker formulation hand sugar. The strip sugar can then be used in almost exactly the same way as wax/resin products are, with definite technique differences. The inspiration came to one of the team members with a background in chemistry while reading a research paper "Mutarotation in Sugar" by Professor S.J. Angyal (1968). Our resulting experimentation produced a marriage of science and nature with the formulation of reliable, salon ready Sugar ‘n Strip ® pastes in designed for regular, stubborn and hormonal hair. Our exclusive, modern, "steam condensed" manufacturing process starts with the original "strip" sugar, and then makes it into the strip products called "For Stubborn Hair" and "Bikini Beauty." This breakthrough has been achieved while still preserving the food grade nature of the products. No chemical additives or medications are used to anesthetize the skin, many of which clients believe to be unnecessary and potentially harmful.

IMPORTANT:  Because the water soluble, non-toxic sugar sticks only to the hair, the Sugar ‘n Strip ® process is always easy on the skin. Unlike wax/resin, by using our gentle sugar process you can even remove hair before a facial service. Clean-up is safe and fast, and easily keeps your area looking professional. Accidental spills or errors in application are quickly removed with warm tap water, and, if necessary, the sugar paste reapplied. The benefits of using a gentle, natural product have had widespread appeal.

Training Summary

The company’s educators are led by New Hampshire State Board Certified Educator Kate Riley, who stresses both respect for the professional and training that guarantees the techniques can be put to use immediately. During training, professionals will become proficient with all three types of pastes and learn the advantages of the Sugar ‘n Strip ® process, including:

Get all the benefits of the Sugar ‘n Strip ® Program from a four hour class in your area. Both you and your clients/students will be impressed with how your improved knowledge and technique makes hair removal more pleasant and stress free. While some techniques may appear very similar to waxing, there are definite unique differences and the benefits of our program to your clients and your bottom line are immediate.

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