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2 Day Hand Method Sugaring Training- SACRAMENTO, CA

Two, seven hour hands-on Sugaring training days.

This 2 day training is conducted in SACRAMENTO, CA.

Hand Method Sugaring Training:

The 2 day certification is two, 7 hour training days, the first hour is theory: what is sugaring, the benefits of sugaring, the history and technique. The remaining 13 hours, you will be hands on with the educator sugaring all areas of the body. The class fee $695.

*With your training fee you will also receive: 2 full jars of Sugar Paste, 1 Super Dry Powder, 1 4oz Cool Mist, 1 4oz Anti Micro Soap, 1 Thermometer ($70 value). 

*9 bikini sugaring services will pay back your training class fee; the rest after is all profit.

We also offers Private Training where the educator comes to your place of business to host training in the comfort of your own establishment.

Email: should you have an interest in more information; or to register.