From the deserts of ancient Arabia comes a hair removal method as old as the sands of time.

Our modern sugar products originated amongst the mystery, romance and splendor of the Arabian Nights.

Picture an oasis of beauty where women have smooth, sensuous, hair-free skin that is soft to the touch and you'll be imagining what your clients skin will feel like after you've used Salon Sukar Products to remove their unwanted hair.

The product professionals refer to as "the sweet treat" in hair removal.

Today, men and women worldwide prize smooth, sensuous, hair-free skin as much as they did in ancient times, so our modernized products are available to the salon professional.

Q: Why is Salon Sukar Products™ generating such an appeal?
A: It's because our products are based on an ancient hair removal method that has now been modernized for use by salon professionals. The sugar, lemon and water formulation of our sugar paste pulls out the hair by the roots with minimal breakage, and with much less discomfort than painful hard wax or resin. This product is safe on all skin types and will not remove layers of skin. Our pastes are supported by a customized line of cleansers and antibacterial products that are alcohol, mineral oil and fragrance free. These products clean up with a damp sponge, and you can do away with your wax encrusted heating pots, sticky scissors and discolored towels. Your hair removal room will be spotlessly clean, fresh and inviting, assuring your clients of your professionalism.

Q: Who are we?
A: Salon Sugar Products, Inc. was incorporated in 1995 to offer salon professionals a healthier, safer alternative to petroleum / fragrance / chemical filled hair removal products. Our products are available exclusively to salon professionals, and our mission is to provide the best quality sugar products and practical education to industry professionals so they will improve their businesses and provide the best professional hair removal services.

Q: How does it work?
A: Our basic Sugar 'N Strip formulation is used like regular strip wax - but with a difference. It is warmed to slightly above body temperature, and applied to the skin with a spatula in a very thin layer (5 times thinner than wax). A cotton strip is smoothed onto the skin and then removed taking the hair out by the root. It's so simple to use, you can be expert almost immediately. The sugar paste adheres to the hair and not the skin so that the cotton strip can be pulled off quickly and gently without much discomfort. You can go over the same area more than once to clean up any stubborn hairs. Although we believe that you'll find the Sugar 'N Strip very easy to use, we do offer 1/2 day seminars for those who are adding more hair removal services than they were comfortable with when they were using wax / resin products.

The Spa Approach paste is for professionals who want to offer their clients that ultimate treatment in hair removal. It takes two days to learn this technique, and our educators generally charge per person including training and a full Startup Kit. For those of you with education from other sugar companies our techniques differ in some key aspects but we generally take into account any training you may have and upgrade you without charging for a full class. The Spa Approach paste is stiffer and is applied to the skin with a gloved hand. The walnut sized piece of paste sticks to hair as short as 1/8" and takes the hair out by the roots with a flick of the hand. No other hard wax or resin product can remove hair as short as this. Your clients get the feeling of a mini-massage and keep coming back for more. Many of our professionals have found that this method of hair removal is so popular with their clients that they have been able to use it as the foundation for a successful aesthetics business. We'll be happy to put you in contact with an educator to discuss options for your specific training needs. Our Director of Education, Kate Riley has over 20 years experience in the Beauty & Wellness Industry. She is a licensed Aesthetics Educator as well as an Aesthetician. Kate certifies all Salon Sukar Products™ Educators before they are allowed to train others, and she has worked with all of our distributors to develop their in-house educators. The quality of our education is recognized throughout the industry, and our distributors support us in this ongoing endeavor.

Q: What is your corporate position on "NAME BRAND RECOGNITION"?
A: Our company takes a very strong stand with regards to "brand name recognition". We feel that it is a huge disservice to our hard-working distributors and salon professionals to introduce a product to the Salon environment and then have the exact same product name on TV or in catalogues for retail purchase. We are strictly committed to our Distributors and Salon Professionals. Our product will NEVER be available through direct sale to the public. Our Distributors support us and know that violation of this aspect of our business will result in the loss of our salon clients confidence, and their opportunity to distribute for us. We appreciate your hard work and commitment to excellence and offer you the same.

Q: How does Salon Sukar Products(r) compare in effectiveness to waxing?
A: The Milady textbook and other professional manuals put waxing breakage as high as 40%. Our product consistently demonstrates a 2% breakage on average. The same documents state that consistent hair removal by the root will affect diminishment and this is the goal of the client when they go to a salon to have a service done. Our products have proven themselves able to remove 1/8" regrowth hair. Every other product in the world needs 1/4" (or twice the length that we do). This means that clients don't need to shave because their leg hair sticks out of their panty hose, and their face & underarms can be done before the hair length is offensive. This is very good for your business because continued use keeps the hair away longer, but if clients don't come in consistently the old growth patterns will come back. Salon Sukar Products(r) is quick to use and more pleasant than hard wax. In fact some clients have found it so gentle, they have gone to sleep during the service!

Q: What are the main benefits of this product?
A: Salon Sukar Product™ costs less, which improves your profit per treatment. The gentle nature of the treatment plus the short hair they can have removed, will increase the number of services your clients will have done. They won't need to shave or bleach themselves since you can remove their unwanted hair before it is obvious. You also have added benefits, such as clean, professional, rooms for your clients to have treatments in: no waste in ugly stained towels, floors, scissors etc., and no odor (either unpleasant, or scented).

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